Grey's Anatomy Season 7 Episode 6: Read our recap, watch Grey's Anatomy online for free

Are you getting tired of the post-shooting story lines on "Grey's Anatomy"?

The newest installment of "Grey's" was filmed in a documentary format. A fictional film crew went to the hospital to see life in the shooting's aftermath.

Click here to watch the full episode online for free. Don't have time to watch the show? Here are the three biggest plot lines:

Callie and Arizona are apparently moving to Africa. Yes, you read that correctly. Arizona won a grant to work in Africa and Callie decided to follow her there. Think they'll really move?

Mandy Moore returned and resumed her role as a woman who needs colostomy reversal surgery. She was supposed to have the procedure six months ago, but the shooting happened when she was in the hospital. The procedure initially went smoothly this time, but Moore's character encountered rare complications and never woke up after surgery.

Other patients included a rare double arm transplant and a little girl who bonded with Karev. He took care of her while she prepared to receive a new trachea. Later, she brought him in for show and tell to illustrate the best part of her hospital experience. Aww.

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