Jersey Shore Season 3 Episode 11: Fire in the hole!

The Ledger-Enquirer live blogged Jersey Shore Season 3 Episode 11, which first aired March 10, 2011. See a full recap below:

Quick catchup: Ronnie and Sammi are slowly getting back into the groove of their relationship, and we are ready for the latest episode:

It's a rainy day at the shore. Vinny and Pauly D head to Staten Island. Pauly D has never been, and he's going to meet Vinny's family.

At the house: Ronnie says he needs to get out of the house. He leaves with some of the girls. The Situation is wandering around the home. He appears somewhat sad he's alone, though he spends some time with JWoww's dogs and makes the best of it. He starts feeding the little canines pizza and peanut butter. They love the Sitch.

At Staten Island: Vinny and Pauly D arrive at Vinny's home. They greet the masive extended family. Pauly D mentions that the dogs they have at the house are well behaved.

Instead, they're leaving special packages all over the house as the Situation revels in their disobedience.

Back at Staten: There's tons of food being served. One family member notes that he doesn't want to get it in Pauly D's hair. They leave the house after dinner and head back to the house.

The Situation waits in antici ... pation for the crew to arrive. The dog sees the SUV pull up, and the girls and Ronnie walk back in. They instantly realize that there's feces and urine in the home. JWoww cleans it up, but Sweetheart says she can't handle it.

Deena smells the Situation's cologne on one of the dogs, and calls it circumstantial evidence. Sweetheart questions him about letting out the dogs, though he denies, denies, denies.

Vinny and Pauly D return, and the preparations for the night begin. They go to Karma, one of the usual hep clubs they frequent.

Snooki meets a man whose last name ends in a vowel. This somehow meets one of her criteria in men.

Ronnie is associating with Sweetheart in the club, and Snooki points out that she believed she was done with Ronnie. Apparently not.

Snooki has issues walking home in her current state. Sweetheart tells the camera that she let her guard down, and is confused about her situation, lowercase, with Ronnie. She says it's too soon to get back in a relationship with him.

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Vinny says he wants to get a spray tan. He hops in the SUV with the girls and Ronnie and heads out. They arrive at the facility, and the process begins. The spray tan is extremely cold, though Vinny appears pleased when he looks in the mirror.

They head back, and spot Roger - JWoww's beau - driving nearby. Roger speeds off, and Ronnie suggests that he's with another woman. Roger begins zig-zagging through traffic, and JWoww is displeased.

JWoww calls Roger once she returns to the house. She leaves a message, saying she's unhappy. She tells him she's done, though if she wants to explain the situation, lowercase, he may return her call.

This is commercial sign!!!

JWoww tells the crew she's upset, while Pauly D begins cooking dinner for everyone. They sit down for the meal, and JWoww says she is still unhappy. The crew points out some reasonable excuses for why he gave JWoww "the dip," and she starts to think that maybe she overreacted.

Vinny busts out a kite and intends to fly it. Sweetheart tells the girls that she's got some water ballons, and they intend to attack the guys. They toss a few, and then go for more. Vinny suggests they attack the women.

The women rush out and begin the assault. The men, however, are prepared. They begin their counter assault and make quick gains onto enemy porch territory.

After their hideous defeat, Snooki says the men shouldn't have attacked them so viciously. The battle continues, however, and the chaoes escalates on the main porch.

Sweetheart tells the camera that things are good between her and Ronnie.

Roger then calls for JWoww. She tells him she feels foolish for her message. He tells her he had five minutes to make it to the barbershop and that's why he drove in that fashion. They have an awkward makeup, and JWoww says she has real feelings for him.

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Ronnie tells Sweetheart they should work things out in their relationship. She tells him she likes the person that he's become. The appear to reach a working relationship.


The girls are talking to Sweetheart about her reconciliation with Ronnie. Snooki tells the camera that Sweetheart is breaking. JWoww figures they'll return to their old fighting ways.

Time to go: The crew head out to the boardwalk in a nearby town. Snooki is happy with the number of men at the scene, but JWoww is unhappy with the quality.

Ronnie and Sweetheart meet a penguin for an unknown random reason. They incorrectly guess its genus and species.

Back at the house: Pre- prepreparation time for tonight. Vinny tells the camera that the Situation is a little fae in his facial cleaning habits. The Sitch gives Snooki a treatment, and she appears to be a mime.

It's time to visit Karma again. This club just might always be open. The Situation meets a good friend, Arvin, at the club. Arvin asks Sweetheart's location, leading the Sitch to wonder what is going on. Arvin shows the Situation the text messages, and the drama is about to begin.

Right after this commercial sign!!!

The Situation tells the camera that Sweetheart has been caught. He then tells JWoww to get an unbiased opinion. She asks to look at the texts, and reacts with apprehension. The Situation then passes along what is now truly worthy gossip. Snooki rolls a die 20 and disbelieves. She fails her roll.

Snooki asks Sweetheart the name of the man she's been texting. Sweetheart denies, denies, denies. Snooki says Ronnie will get very upset.

Ronnie learns what's going on, and Sweetheart says she will confront him. Ronnie tags along.

Sweetheart tells Arvin that she's only friends with him, and Ronnie gets extremely upset. Ronnie wanders off, and he tells Sweetheart he's done.

Sweetheart is angered with the Sitch, and he points out that she got caught. They have a serious disagreement, Sweetheart tells the Situation goodbye and he continues to point out that she got busted.

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JWoww says the situation, lowercase, looks bad for Sweetheart until they know the facts. Ronnie returns to the house and he's angry. The Situation explains what he was doing to Pauly D, so he doesn't think he was starting the drama.

Pauly D says Arvin being "a friend" is a good copout. He then wonders if Snooki and JWoww knew about this the whole time.

The girls return home, and Ronnie lays on the couch in the common room. The girls are waiting for the eventual fight. Sweetheart sits in the common room, and Vinny says he's ready for the fight. Sweetheart calls the Sitch shady and two-faced. He says that she's shady, since she's the one texting Arvin.

Ronnie then tells Sweetheart that she's shady, which is apparently the word that's sponsoring tonight's episode.

And this is definitely our last comercial sign!!!

The fight continues between Ronnie and Sweetheart, who wander off from the rest of the crew as they shout at each other. The crew sits in the common room and makes odd faces as they listen to the couple fight. JWoww sneaks into the bathroom to grab something and then returns to the common room. The fighting continues as the credits start to roll.

See you next week!!!