Columbus police: Police say 16-year-old pointed gun at man near Lakebottom, ran from police

A gunman accused of pointing a pistol at a man near Lakebottom Park Saturday evening ran from police when he was spotted near the Wynnton Road Burger King, Columbus police said.

The suspect, 16, faces charges including armed robbery, reckless conduct and a weapons charge in connection with the 6:15 p.m. hold up, reports state.

Dustin Doughman was working on his truck with his infant child playing in the front yard of his 18th Avenue apartment when the suspect approached, he said.

“The kid said ‘hey,’ and I turned around and he had a gun on me,” Doughman, 23, added. “I don’t carry cash on me.”

The suspect started asking Doughman what he did for a living. “He said, ‘I know you’ve got money. Are those your kids?’” Doughman said.

Doughman’s girlfriend had called 911 by then. After asking his questions, the suspect walked south toward Wynnton Road. Doughman said the suspect went about four houses down and started talking to someone as if nothing had happened.

Police said that the suspect approached a neighbor of Doughman’s and asked to use his phone, which he allowed. After making a call that no one answered, the suspect tried to hide in the man’s front yard. The neighbor told the suspect to leave, and he ran south toward Wynnton.

Doughman was in his car looking for the suspect and on the phone with 911 dispatchers, he said. Shortly afterward, Officer William Campbell spotted the suspect walking from a gas station at Wynnton and Eberhart Avenue toward the Burger King. The officer pulled into a nearby parking lot, and the suspect ran when he spotted the officer, reports state.

Police said Campbell stopped his patrol car and chased the suspect around the building and into the drive-thru lane, yelling from him to stop. As Campbell gained on the suspect, he stopped and got on the ground, where Campbell handcuffed him.

At some point, the suspect said “It was me, I ain’t going to lie, it was me,” reports state.

The suspect initially said he had no gun, though he later showed police it was in a bush near the neighbor’s house where he’d asked to use the phone. The 9 mm gun had a bullet in its chamber and another in the magazine, police said.