Survivor 2011: Auburn University alum Krista Klumpp is in trouble

Auburn University alum Krista Klumpp was ousted from her tribe on Wednesday's episode of "Survivor," but that doesn't mean she's going home.

Instead, she'll head to Redemption Island, where she'll face fellow contestant Matt in a duel next week.

If she loses, she goes home. Think she'll win?

Here's some background on Krista:

She's a former Auburn University head cheerleader who held pageant titles like Miss Phenix City and Miss Smiths Station.

In a video on the “Survivor” website, Krista expresses excitement at the thought of not having to wash her hair for 39 days. She also says she doesn’t like to fit molds.

A profile on the “Survivor” website lists her age as 25. She’s currently a pharmaceutical rep living in South Carolina.

Krista was ready for the demands of “Survivor” -- at least according to her close friend, Andrea Bostick. They cheered together at Auburn and now work for the same pharmaceutical company.

“I know Krista is extremely good at building relationships,” she said. “Krista is not scared to voice her opinion.”

Those skills are essential this season, perhaps more so than any past installment of “Survivor.”

The new season, which was filmed in Nicaragua, includes a Redemption Island twist. Upon being voted off, contestants go to Redemption Island instead of being sent home. To stay on the island, they must survive a duel with the next eliminated contestant.