Amazing Race 2011: Who got eliminated in Season 18 Episode 5?

The Ledger-Enquirer live blogged the Amazing Race Season 18 Episode 5. See a full recap below:

This episode begins with a quick recap of dating goths Kent and Vyxsin realizing they left their fanny pack on the gondola. Problem is, they're on a bus taking them toward the Pit Stop.

Meanwhile, Zev and Justin reach the Pit Stop, get their next clue and learn there's a double U-Turn somewhere up ahead. The clue: They must travel 400 miles to the Kounan Flower Market, where they'll get their next clue.

Kent and Vyxsin return to the gondolas, immediately find the fanny pack and continue with last week's tasks. They make it to the Eternal Tower, and Phil tells them they're still racing but they've got a 30-minute penalty because they didn't take the correct flights.

The other teams are at Li Jiang train station. Some of them decide to play basketball with the Globetrotters. Zev and Justin then arrive and tell everyone they saw the goths. Kent and Vyxsin then arrive at the train station, and everyone wants to know what happened.

Kent tells a lie: that their car broke down in Japan. They don't want to tell the truth, because they feel they'd be targeted for a U-Turn with their time penalty.

It's time to leave on the train, which soon arrives in Kunming. Kisha and Jen hop in a cab, as do Ron and Christina. Zev and Justin follow them, knowing they're fluent in Chinese.

The market is full of flowers, but Kisha and Jen find the clue box first. They learn they must travel to the Golden Arches memorial, where the next clue box will be. The Globetrotters get their clue last, and the cowboys realize they likely took someone else's cab. None are left, and the Globetrotters are wandering around calling out for a taxi.

Ron and Christina get the next clue first, and they learn what this leg's Detour is: Honor the Past or Embrace the Future.

Honor: Teams must watch a traditional Tibetan performance, take no notes during it and then go into a closed booth. Inside, they'll place a set of 15 dolls representing the performers in the correct order to get their next clue.

Embrace: The teams must offload a complete solar heating system, carry it to the top of a building and properly install all of it. Once successful, they'll get their next clue.

Ron and Christina and Zev and Justin are at Honor. Kisha and Jen then show up.

Jaime and Cara, Gary and Mallory and Jet and Cord - now in last place - just got the Detour clue.

Margie and Luke chose Embrace, and they've just gotten the system to the roof.

Zev and Justin get all the dolls in order and get their clue first. They learn they must go to the Yunnan Province Cultural Center, where they'll find the double U-Turn. Kisha and Jen are second.

Margie and Luke just installed the solar panel system and are fourth place. Jaime and Cara, also at Embrace, are fifth. Jet and Cord, at Embrace, are sixth.

Christina realizes that their cabbie took them to the wrong cultural center. Zev and Justin and Kisha and Jen, who followed Ron and Christina, are in the same boat.

Margie and Luke are first to the U-Turn, and they decline to use it. The clue tells them to go to the Stone Forest, which is outside of the city. Jet and Cord get there second, and they do not U-Turn anyone.

Kent and Vyxsin then reach the U-Turn, with Jaime and Cara right behind them. The cheerleaders tell them to U-Turn the Globetrotters, but they U-Turn the cheerleaders as they're standing right there.

The cheerleaders then U-Turn the Globetrotters and head off.

The teams who went to the wrong cultural center arrive at the U-Turn and are relieved when they see both U-Turns have been used.

The Globetrotters, in last place, just reached the U-Turn. The cheerleaders, in eighth place, just finished their second Detour.

Kisha and Jen get the next clue, a Roadblock, first: Teams must choose a dig site, choose a complete set of bones and build a 20-foot replica of a dinosaur. Ron and Christina and Kent and Vyxsin are at the dinosaur site as well.

Jet and Cord are in fifth place at the dinosaur Roadblock. The Globetrotters are sixth. The cheerleaders are seventh. Zev and Justin are eighth and Gary and Mallory are ninth and last place.

Gary and Mallory, realizing they're last, use the Express Pass and get the next clue, which leads them to Green Lake Park -- this leg's Pit Stop.

Jet and Cord finish the dinosaur and are in second place. They get to a cab depo and grab a taxi before Gary and Mallory. It appears to be a race between the cowboys and Gary and Mallory to the Pit Stop, though Jet and Cord are first place and they each get $5,000 cash.

Gary and Mallory are second place.

The teams still at the Roadblock are having serious problems with their dinosaur construction. Many have to take apart their creations and start over.

Margie and Luke are third place. Kent and Vyxsin are fourth, though they must wait out their 30-minute penalty before Phil will check them in.

That then makes Kisha and Jen come in fourth place. The 30 minutes passes and Kent and Vyxsin are fifth place. The Globetrotters are sixth place.

Zev and Justin just finish their dinosaur and get their clue. They're racing, just feet apart, from Ron and Christina as they run toward the Pit Stop mat. Ron and Christina are in seventh place. Zev and Justin are eighth place.

Jaime and Cara are last place and are eliminated from the Amazing Race.