Columbus police: Man charged with receiving stolen computer

Police arrested a 17-year-old Columbus man Friday on theft charges after investigators allegedly found a stolen laptop in his house.

Christopher K. Gibson is being held in the Muscogee County Jail on bonds totaling $7,000.

His charges stemmed from an investigation into a burglary in the 2300 block of Cornell Avenue in which a man allegedly was assaulted while walking his dog and came home to find several hundred dollars worth of electronics had been stolen. Officers investigating the break-in learned Gibson’s identity from a neighbor who recognized him.

When officers arrived at Gibson’s house, they said they found three children — ages 3, 4 and 9 — home alone, and walked inside to look for an adult. They noticed a computer on Gibson’s mother’s mattress that resembled the one taken from the nearby Cornell Avenue home.

Using a password given to them by the burglary victim, police said they accessed the computer and determined it was, indeed, stolen. Gibson told police a buddy named Tank gave him the computer “for safekeeping.”

Gibson’s mother had left him in charge of the children while she was out celebrating her birthday, police said. When she returned home, she told officers Tank tried to sell her the same laptop before she went out with her friends.

Gibson had been given $100 to buy groceries for the kids, the mother added, but he said he lost the money. Police also charged Gibson with three counts of reckless conduct for allegedly leaving his siblings unattended.