Fire destroys FDR's original Warm Springs home

The cottage that was President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Warm Springs home before the Little White House was built was destroyed by fire early Tuesday morning, along with another historic cottage.

The McCarthy Cottage was built in 1927 and was the president’s residence whenever he visited Warm Springs for treatment of polio symptoms. In 1932, the Little White House was built and became the presidents home base during his visits.

“As the first home President Franklin Roosevelt built in Warm Springs, the nation has experienced a great loss with the burning of the McCarthy Cottage,” said Mark Butler, Georgia commissioner of labor, in a release. “Because President Roosevelt resided there for four years, the McCarthy cottage was the cottage of most historical value.”

The state Labor Department maintains the Warm Springs property.

Also destroyed in the fire was the E.T. Curtis Cottage, built in 1928, adjacent to McCarthy Cottage.