Columbus courts: Witness changes testimony after seeing his video-taped interview

A witness in the case against former Columbus Police Officer Mitchell Brock testified today that Brock drove past his home in November 2009 while pointing his finger back and forth — the basis for a witness influencing charge.

Marvell Glover’s initial testimony didn’t match his father’s, who testified Tuesday that Brock, 23, made shooting motions with his hand as the men loaded a pickup truck. Glover initially told jurors today that Brock only pointed at him as he drove past, though he changed his testimony after viewing his video-taped police interview.

Once seeing the video, Glover told jurors that Brock pointed his hand sideways as he made shooting motions.

“After that, he sped up and left the apartment complex,” Glover added.

Brock faces charges of influencing a witness and attempted influencing a witness. The charges stem from his brother’s murder case.

James Brock, 25, was convicted in March and sentenced to life in prison with no chance of parole plus five years. He was found guilty of the Oct. 13, 2009, murders of Tyesha McNair and Terence Clark, both 21.

Glover said James Brock confessed to him about the murders, and that Mitchell Brock drove past his apartment hours after he testified in Columbus Recorder’s Court in the double homicide case.

The case continues today.