September is Blue Morpho butterfly month at Callaway Gardens

September is Blue Morpho butterfly month at Callaway Gardens. Hundreds of the butterflies can be seen in the Cecil B. Day Buttefly Center along with 1,000 other varieties of tropical butterflies.

"In 2010 when a supplier indicated that we had wiped out all of the world's suppliers of Blue Morpho, I knew we were doing something very special," said Michael Buckman, manager of the butterfly center in a statement.

The Blue Morpho (Morpho Peleides) is an iridescent blue butterfly that is native to the rainforests of South and Central America. The undersides of the butterflies are brown with eyespots, but the upper sides are a vibrant blue.

The word morpho stands for "to change or modify." When the butterfly is in flight, the beating of the wings change from the vivid blue to the dull brown, which tricks the eye.

These butterflies feed on the juices of rotten fruits so the best time to see them are at the feeders throughout the center. The best times to photograph them are on sunny days just before noon or after 3 p.m

Regular admission to the Gardens is $9-$18.

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