Muscogee County Schools will continue to provide transportation for magnet students, limit it for No Child Left Behind transfers

The Muscogee County School Board decided Monday night to keep providing transportation to magnet students next year, while it will not provide transportation to students other than 2012-13 seniors who are at a school outside their zone because of No Child Left Behind.

Superintendent Susan Andrews said letters will soon be going out to parents.

Georgia was one of 10 states granted a waiver from the No Child Left Behind requirements.

Under No Child Left Behind, students in schools labeled "needs improvement" for two years were allowed to transfer to a school making Adequate Yearly Progress whether space was available or not. The school district had to provide transportation.

When two high schools -- Hardaway and Northside -- became overcrowded, the school district created annexes on the campuses of Jordan High and Kendrick High.

Now, because of the waiver, students will only be allowed to transfer to schools where there is space, and the school district does not have to supply transportation.

The annexes will likely go away.

Any student in Muscogee County may attend a school in a zone different from the one provided there is space available, but the school district does not provide transportation.

The school district says the move by the board Monday will save $480,296.

It will also allow the school district to pull several older buses off daily service and return them to the spare bus line. The school district says it has 23 buses in daily service that are at least 13 years old.

The total cost of transportation this year is $11 million for the school district, and the state only covers $2 million of that.