Columbus Police: Woman says she was robbed by someone impersonating police officer

Susie Smith, an 88-year-old Columbus woman, said Sunday that she was robbed Saturday afternoon by a man pretending to be a police officer.

The crime occurred at her 34th Avenue Home.

Smith said the man told her he was searching for a robbery suspect and showed her a picture of a woman.

When the man asked her if he could come into her house, Smith said no but let him in after "he put a badge in my face."

The man pulled out photos of bills that he said were stolen property and asked to see any bills that Smith might have.

She brought him some money. She then left to get some identification to show him. When she returned to the room, the man and about $130 were gone.

The man was described as a black male, about 5-foot-7. 169 pounds. Smith said he was a "clean cut young man."

Columbus police are investigating.