Muscogee County School Board: Maximum class size might expand next school term

The Muscogee County School District may expand maximum class sizes next school term.

At a meeting tonight in the Muscogee County Public Education Center, the school board approved the sending of a request in the form of a resolution to the Georgia Department of Education which, if approved, would allow the maximum number of students in a class to grow by as many as three students.

In February, the Georgia State Board of Education granted an exemption of all class size maximums for the 2012-2013 school term. It did so because of an tough economic climate that has caused a decline in revenue at both the state level and the local level..School districts are required to submit a local board class size waiver resolution to the Georgia Department of Education before its class size maximums may exceed current state requirements.

If approved, in grades 9-12 English, math, social studies, science and foreign language classes, the maximum number of students would go from 32-35. It would go from 35-38 in other high school subjects. The maximum in grades 4-8 would go from 28 to 31 and in grades 1-3 from 21 to 24.

School Superintendent Susan Andrews said that she and teachers both prefer smaller classes which allow for more personal attention but increasing the class sizes will keep the school district from hiring extra teachers.

“This is certainly not great but it is what we need to do,” Andrews said. “We want to save money so that we do not have to cut elsewhere.”