Student injured after car hits brick wall outside Hardaway

A Hardaway student was injured after a car ran into a brick wall outside the school, according to witnesses and reports from the school district.

Muscogee County Director of Communications Valerie Fuller said they received initial reports of a car accident involving a student near Hardaway and that an ambulance was called.

Khadeja Rodriguez, a junior at the school, said she saw the accident and called 911. Rodriguez said the car, a four-door Nissan, did not stop at the stop sign at the intersection of College Drive and Sue Mack Drive and smashed into a stone bench before hitting a brick wall outside the school.

Rodriguez said another student was hit in the leg by pieces of stone from the smashed bench, but seemed okay. She said she did not know how badly the driver was injured.

"From the sound of that car hitting a brick wall, it had to be pretty bad," she said. "We thought it was a gunshot. People were ducking."