Man indicted on accusations he poured gasoline over child’s toys, punched officer

A man accused of pouring gasoline over a child’s toys and clothes and threatening to burn them was indicted this week by a Muscogee County grand jury.

Robert Daniel Durden, 30, faces charges of attempt to commit a felony, obstruction of an officer and the attempted removal of a weapon from a public officer, court records state.

Police say Durden was arrested Dec. 26 after he punched Cpl. Dean Spata in the face and grabbed his stun gun as the two stood on the front porch of Durden’s River Road home.

Spata responded to Durden’s home about a domestic incident. When he arrived, Durden stepped outside and Spata noticed a strong smell of gasoline, the officer previously testified in court.

Durden began mumbling and cursing, saying he wouldn’t leave. He then tried to walk back inside. Spata grabbed Durden’s wrist, leading Durden to quickly spin around and resist, police say.

Spata testified that Durden’s mother then interfered, and he had to contend with both of them. Durden punched Spata in the face multiple times. The officer then grabbed his stun gun, which failed to work, and then his service weapon. Durden ran inside his home and was later arrested, police said.