Muscogee County School District: Sixth-grader stabbed in the arm with a pair of scissors

A sixth-grade girl was stabbed in the arm with a pair of scissors by another student at Arnold Magnet Academy Tuesday, Muscogee County School District spokesperson Valerie Fuller said.

The girl’s mother, Sommer Whatley, said her daughter got into an argument with a sixth-grade boy during one of her morning classes, after the boy insulted her friends. After class ended, Whatley said the boy punched her daughter twice in the face and stabbed her in the arm with a pair of scissors in the hallway.

Whatley said her daughter was taken to St. Francis and had to get a couple stitches in her arm. She said she is considering keeping her daughter at home for a few days.

“A lot of her friends are really scared,” she said, adding. “I’m nervous for her to go back.”

According to school district policy, the student could be charged by police and face disciplinary action at school, Fuller said.