Woman gets 3 years’ probation for May 2011 terroristic threats

A woman initially accused in May 2011 of chasing a man with a knife, threatening to kill him and then hitting a woman with her car pleaded guilty Monday and was sentenced to three years’ probation.

Ruby Sanders, 40, pleaded guilty to one count of terroristic threats. Prosecutors dropped charges of aggravated assault, reckless conduct and two drug accusations.

Police alleged Sanders got into an argument May 7 with a man at a Fourth Avenue home. At some point, she pulled a knife and chased the man onto his porch. She then threatened to kill him and another man.

“He indicated that although she pulled a knife out, he felt she was not close enough to him to seriously harm him,” said Senior Assistant District Attorney LaRae Moore. “It was a small kitchen knife.”

Police said that as Sanders left she almost struck one man with her car and did in fact hit a woman, which led to the reckless conduct charges.

“The fender hit her leg, but she did not go seek medical treatment,” Moore said of the woman.

Officers found a prescription bottle with the label scratched off when she was arrested. Sanders later provided proof that the prescription bottle belonged to her, the prosecutor added.

Sanders was searching for someone else when she arrived at the home, and no one there at the time knew her. None of those present wanted to pursue the charges, Moore said.

“I think some of the facts that came out during the plea led the prosecutor to make that decision, with the victims’ consent,” said defense attorney William Kendrick. “I think that justice was done.”