Man flees after he spots officer, arrested after chase

A man walking down the middle of the road ran from officers Monday afternoon and was arrested after a foot chase, Columbus police said.

Marvin Coppins, 30, is charged with obstruction of an officer and pedestrian in the roadway, reports state.

Police say Officer Scott Taft spotted Coppins about 12:40 p.m. Monday walking in the middle of Holly Avenue while talking on a cell phone. Taft then parked his patrol car and asked Coppins to walk over and talk to him.

Coppins said he was doing nothing wrong. He then started walking toward Taft, reports state.

That’s when Officer Brandon Barger arrived. Coppins saw Barger and then started running east across Veterans Parkway. He then turned north before again running across Veterans, police said.

Coppins stopped running after crossing the northbound lanes of Veterans Parkway. He was then arrested, reports state.