Official: Mentally handicapped man charged in 2010 homicide

A mentally handicapped man appeared in Columbus Recorder’s Court today on accusations he stabbed his caretaker in 2010, leaving wounds that led to the other man’s death, an official said.

Brokeel Ransom, 19, faces a murder charge in connection with the Feb. 1, 2011, death of Julius Rogers, 69. Arrested today, Ransom pleaded not guilty before Senior Judge Michael Cielinski, who found probable cause and bound the case over to Muscogee County Superior Court, records state.

Ransom is being held without bond.

Authorities have said Ransom is severely retarded and autistic, and prone to act out if his routine is broken. Ranson has the mental abilities of an infant.

Ransom’s routine was broken in late 2010, when he allegedly stabbed Rogers with some scissors. After allegedly stabbing his caretaker, Ransom ran out of the room and sat outside, authorities said.

Rogers died a few months later.