Lonnie J. Ragan indicted for murder; his father indicted for making threats

Lonnie Jacob Ragan, accused in the Aug. 26 fatal shooting of 28-year-old Holly Hearn, was indicted earlier this week on charges including murder, aggravated assault, unlawful handling of explosive devices and weapons violations.

Ragan’s father, 55-year-old Walter Edwin Ragan, was indicted this week on two counts of terroristic threats, Superior Court records state.

Police say Lonnie Ragan, 28, went to Hearn’s Billings Court home Aug. 26 and confronted her and her husband in a custody battle over his son.

Hearn was Ragan’s sister-in-law and Ragan’s wife sometimes stayed with her. During the Aug. 26 incident, Lonnie Ragan pointed a shotgun in her husband’s face. Hearn brought out a .38-caliber revolver, and Lonnie Ragan shot her in the chest, police said.

Lonnie Ragan also shot and wounded her husband Ryan Hearn, who tried to get behind a vehicle, police said. He was hit in the upper thigh before Ragan’s shotgun jammed, they said.

Authorities say Lonnie Ragan fled in his truck but later surrendered to police.

Days later, Walter Ragan got involved by calling a relative and leaving a voice mail message, saying “We’re going to break even,” police said.

An informant later gave police a garbage bag with a shotgun, shells and three homemade explosive devices. The explosives may belong to Lonnie Ragan, police said, though it isn’t known if he had them at the time of the shooting.