Police investigate vehicle connected to gunshots, make 2 unrelated arrests

An investigation Thursday night into a vehicle connected to shots being fired led to two arrests, Columbus police said.

Dwayne Matthew Neely, 28, and Steven Alexander Daniel, 33, each face charges of open container and pills not in their original container, reports state.

Neely faces additional charges of possession of marijuana and driving while his license was suspended. Daniel is also charged with giving false information, police said.

According to reports, police responded about 8:40 p.m. Thursday to the 900 block of Farr Road about a suspicious white Ford Excursion known for weapons being fired from it. When officers arrived, they saw Neely in the driver’s seat parked outside a trailer.

Police say they asked Neely to step outside. When he did, officers spotted an open 40-ounce Colt 45 beer in the vehicle’s console. Officers then found $3 worth of marijuana and 11 pills inside the vehicle.

Officers asked Daniel, who initially gave police a false name, if he had anything in his pockets. Daniel said he had one prescription pill, which wasn’t in its original container.