Police chief: Criminal charges possible in senior prank at Glenwood School

Some two dozen high school students could face criminal charges after a senior prank at Glenwood School, Phenix City police said late this afternoon.

The students apparently broke into the Summerville Road school over the weekend, deployed "smelly catfish bait" and left "little white mice" in the drawers of desks, said Police Chief Ray Smith.

"It was mostly just strewn books and stinky stuff in the air conditioning ducts," said Smith, whose officers were called about the prank early this morning. "It would take a minute to put that much sand in the hallway. They had no business being in the school over the weekend to do that mess."

"They did do some damage but the amount I'm not sure about," he added. "It's going to cost the school a considerable amount of money to clean it up."

Smith says it will be up to school officials to decide whether they want to pursue burglary and criminal mischief charges. He said investigators were still trying to identify the students and had not yet made any arrests.

School officials are meeting with parents this evening to discuss the situation. The meeting started at 6.