Published 5/15/12: 4 arrested at Foxy Lady for violation of nude dancing ordinance

Columbus police arrested four people late Monday at the Foxy Lady for a violation of the city’s nude dancing ordinance, reports state.

Manager Walter James Clark Jr, 52; and dancers Amy Ukabam, 23; Katlyn Rivers, 18; and Lajeane Raelle Lee, 26, each are charged with the violation, police said.

According to reports, an officer stepped inside the 3023 Victory Drive club about 11:40 p.m. and saw the three women dancing naked. Clark was the manager on duty at the time.

The city’s nude dancing ordinance state that “totally nude dancing, appearing nude or dancing involving acts of public indecency are hereby prohibited. Additionally, any owner, manager, operator or other responsible person that allows a person to dance totally nude or dance and commit acts of public indecency shall be guilty under the ordinance from which this section derives.”