Columbus weather: Rain moves out by Friday night, then cooler temps

The Columbus area can expect a few more brief showers and then a cooler weekend, WRBL Chief Meteorologist Bob Jeswald said.

It'll be mostly sunny early today, though showers will roll in by this afternoon. Highs will reach 94. Expect winds gusts up to 15 mph.

More showers are on the horizon for tonight, when skies will be mostly cloudy. Lows will dip to about 68. Winds could reach 20 mph.

Rain will stay in the forecast for Friday. Skies will be mostly cloudy. Highs are only supposed to reach 85, though winds could climb to 25 mph.

Showers will start moving out by Friday night, when it'll be partly cloudy with lows around 62.

Saturday should be sunny and breezy. Highs will reach 86.