Man convicted of impersonating officer transferred to prison

A man convicted in April of impersonating an officer at Columbus homes was transferred on Tuesday to the Georgia Diagnostic and Classification prison in Jackson, Ga.

Bin’keve Walton, 25, pleaded guilty two months ago in Muscogee County Superior Court to two counts each of impersonating an officer and financial transaction card theft. He pleaded guilty to one count each of burglary, false imprisonment, financial transaction card fraud, theft by receiving stolen property and theft by bringing stolen property into the state.

Walton was held at the Muscogee County Jail until Tuesday, when he was taken to the state prison, jail records state.

Authorities accused of Walton of impersonating an officer last summer and trying to get inside two people’s homes. In one case, Walton talked his way inside a Green Island Hills home, almost handcuffed a woman and fled with her purse when she barricaded herself in an upstairs room.

Police said Walton wore what appeared to be a gun holster, tan pants, black boots and a black shirt bearing a gold star when he impersonated an officer at two different homes on July 7, 2011.