Columbus weather: Hotter temps, no rain

Summer makes its official debut this week, and there's no mistaking its arrival with the rising temperatures, WRBL Meteorologist Kurt Schmitz said.

No rain is expected this week, when Columbus residents will see temperatures rise with each passing day.

Today will be mostly sunny with highs reaching 89. That will likely be the most comfortable high we see all week.

Lows will dip to about 67 tonight before temperatures jump to 90 on Tuesday, when skies will be partly to mostly sunny.

Wednesday will be partly cloudy with highs around 91. Lows will drop to about 69 that night.

Expect more partly cloudy skies Thursday. Highs will stretch to about 92. Lows will drop to only 70 that night.

Get ready for highs around 94 on Friday. Temperatures will keep climbing during the weekend, hitting 95 on Saturday and 96 on Sunday.