26 juveniles cited for underage drinking at house party

Columbus police busted 26 minors at a Colony Drive home early Sunday with underage drinking, reports state.

Officers responded about 1:30 a.m. Sunday to the home, near Warm Springs and Billings roads, about a loud party and underage drinking. When they arrived, officers heard talking from inside, though no one would open the door, police said.

One officer then managed to speak with the 16-year-old who lives at the house, and learned that a total of 26 people younger than 21 were at the home, reports state.

Police say they found “numerous” beer cans and plastic cups with beer on a kitchen table.

“Containers of water and beer had been set up on a table for ‘Beer Pong,’” reports state. “There were plastic shot glasses set up on a serving tray as well as other full, partially full and empty beer cans throughout the house. I could not find an adult at this location.”

Police cited the 26 minors with minor in possession of alcohol, reports state.