VIDEO: Fight at Britt David Park embarrassing for city of Columbus, says league administrator

A fight that erupted Friday after Northern Little League defeated Harris County at Britt David Park was embarrassing to players and the city of Columbus, league officials said Saturday.

By the time police separated the crowds and cooler heads prevailed, a fan supporting Northern and another supporting Harris County were each charged with one count each of disorderly conduct in the 7:30 p.m. clash.  Charles Davidson, 38, of Midland and Iram King, 36, of Cataula were ordered to appear in Columbus Recorder's Court for a 2 p.m. Aug. 16 hearing.

"It's about the most disgusting thing I have ever seen in Little League in all the years I've been doing it," said Bernard Ashley, Little League District 8 Administrator who has supported the league for 35 years.

Rick Chadwick, president of Pioneer Little League and host of the District 8 All-Star Tournament, said parents need to grow up and have some respect for the players.

"It's very embarrassing not only to each of those leagues but the whole city of Columbus," Chadwick said. "You got kids trying to show their parents how to respect each other."

In a report on the dispute, police said Davidson was was playing loud music near the right field fence after Northern won the game. That's when a woman identified as Rose King and Iram King came over and she demanded that Davidson turn down the music. Chadwick said some teams bring their music to play between innings, before the game or after the game.

"It gives it a little better atmosphere," he said. "From my understanding that is what caused it all."

Police said Davidson turned down the music, but words were exchanged about the players. Iram King started to walk toward Davidson when he said, "What do you want," or "Why are you walking over here."

A witness said Iram King told Davidson,"I'm here to f... you up." 

Davidson's reply was, "Well, here I am," before police said the men tussled.

Ashley said he saw a little more than a tussle. "I seen a few punches throwed and mainly all I could see was a lot of pushing and shoving and wrestling," he said.

Ashley said he recognized Davidson as a Northern fan. "He has been to just about every game" he said.

Part of the fight was captured on video. Chadwick said he was ready to hand out medals for the runner-up and champion when the fight started. "By the time I go out there, that's when all the police came," he said. "I was trying to break it up. All I was trying to do is separate them so we don't embarrass the kids any more."

To prevent similar incidents in the future, Ashley said the suspects should be barred from Little League games.

"They ought to be barred from all the Little League youth sports," he said