Family claims someone else voted under Columbus man's name

The Muscogee County Board of Elections and Registrations is probing the curious case of a voter who says someone else must have voted in his place at the Columbus Baptist Association on Oct. 19.

Elections director Nancy Boren said Willie J. Tate came to the Columbus Public Library to vote early this past Tuesday and was told records showed he already had voted. Tate said he had not.

Tate's family said he could not have voted the previous Friday because he was in the hospital, Boren said.

A curious aspect of Tate's complaint is that whoever voted under his name at the Baptist Association showed a driver's license matching his voter registration, Boren said. The person voting Oct. 19 was assisted by someone signing her name as Pamela May, though Tate said he did not recognize that name, Boren said.

Tate came to the Columbus Government Center on Thursday and voted a provisional ballot, which the elections board can accept should it determine someone else voted under his name on Oct. 19, Boren said.