Columbus Council holds first conference with Skype

With the opening of the natatorium just eight months away, Mayor Teresa Tomlinson and Columbus Council made history Tuesday with a Skype video conference with the mayor of Greensboro, N.C., and it pool project.

The 25-minute session with Mayor Robbie Perkins gave officials in both cities an opportunity to ask questions and share ideas about the Greensboro Swim Center. The $10.5 million is part of $32 million development off Macon Road with a City Service Center and 370-car parking garage.

“It’s such a tremendous thing to get a mayor from another city to have the opportunity to share their experience in their community,” Tomlinson said. “When we had this issue with the natatorium to come up, we said this could be a great opportunity to Skype in the mayor and councilors.”

Describing herself as a “baby boomer,” Councilor Evelyn “Mimi” Woodson said the hook up was “pretty cool.”

“I thought it was very interesting,” Woodson said who recently learned how to use an iphone. “I’m very impressed that it didn’t have such a delay. It was able to show also council what a great idea it was.”

The conference allowed councilors and the mayors of both cities to see each other as Perkins talked about the swim center in Greensboro. Michael King, director of the city’s CCG-TV, said the audio had about a two-second delay.