Columbus police seize Florida copper worth thousands

Columbus police acting on a tip caught a local man Monday with thousands of dollars worth of new copper wiring stolen from Jacksonville, Fla.

Lt. Steve Cox said the loot was in a U-Haul trailer investigators staked out on Whisper Drive until someone moved it around 9 a.m.

They stopped the truck pulling the trailer and arrested Thaddus Walker, 22, who was charged with bringing stolen property into the state, Cox said.

Police have a warrant for the suspect’s brother Charles Walker, 24, on that same charge, the lieutenant said.

In the trailer detectives found thousands of pounds of wiring still on spools so heavy that officers could not lift them, Cox said. Police don’t believe they were transferring the copper to another location.

Investigators believe the copper was stolen from H&M Warehousing in Jacksonville, he said. It is estimated that $71,000 worth of copper was stolen, but Columbus police aren’t sure how much the copper they have is worth.