Teen accused of beating, raping woman twice charged as adult

Fifteen-year-old Quitearn Sumbry talked his way into a 20-year-old woman's Booker T. Washington apartment early Saturday, forced her into her bedroom, tore off her clothing and raped her twice, beating her with his fists whenever she would start crying, Columbus police detectives testified Tuesday in Recorder's Court.

The alleged victim, who will not be identified, also testified briefly and corroborated the detectives' account of the evening's events.

Sumbry, who did not testify, pleaded not guilty to rape, false imprisonment, battery and giving a false name. He was ordered held without bond and bound over to Superior Court, where he will be charged as an adult. He will be held in the Youth Detention Center while in custody, police said.

Detective Valerie Holder testified that she was one of the police who responded to a reported rape at the public housing complex. Speaking to witnesses and to the alleged victim, she was told that the woman went to an apartment where Sumbry and his older brother lived to "hang out" and listen to music.

When she left to return to her apartment, Sumbry offered to walk her home. She told detectives she was getting ready for bed when Sumbry returned to her door, saying he'd been kicked out his brother's apartment and "needed someone to talk to."

She let Sumbry in, Holder testified, at which time he started to force himself on her, wrestling her back into her bedroom saying, "You're going to give me some of that." He forced her onto the bed, tore off her clothes and raped her, Holder said.

Afterward, he lay beside her and whenever she cried, he hit her with his fists, she testified. Later, Sumbry raped her again, then told her to get dressed so they could go get something to eat, Holder testified.

Once outside, the woman bolted, but Sumbry caught her and tried to restrain her, Holder said, adding that she finally got away and escaped to her sister's apartment, where they summoned police.

Detective Sherry Ziegler, who interviewed Sumbry after his arrest, said he first gave police a false name, then gave two conflicting stories about what happened that evening.

Sumbry allegedly told police first that he had walked the woman "halfway" to her apartment before returning to his brother's apartment's porch to smoke. A short while later, he saw the woman "walking with some dude" he didn't recognize.

Later, Ziegler said, he changed his story, without explanation. He admitted walking the woman to her door, but said she was the one who insisted he come inside and asked him to spend the night. He said he would, but that he would sleep on the couch, Ziegler testified.

But he claimed that the woman was the aggressor, insisting that he come to the bedroom and lie on the bed. There, he claimed the woman removed his clothing and had sex with him without his consent.

Finally, the alleged victim testified. Standing between a friend or family member and Kyle Blair, executive director of the Sexual Assault Support Center, the woman's voice was barely audible.

Buckner had to call the woman's name three times before she responded. She asked the woman if Detective Holder's account of the evening was accurate and she nodded.

"Did you consent for him to do anything physical with you?" the judge asked.

"No," the woman said.

Buckner bound the case over and declared that no bond would be set.