Police look for three accused in shooting

Warrants have been issued for three men accused in the shooting that left a toddler, his mother and a man injured Thursday in North Highland, Columbus police said.

Police Sgt. Frank Massa said one of the accused is the brother of the woman and uncle to her young son. He identified the men police are looking for as Christopher Hill, 20, Deangelo Walker, 17, and Luis Benjamin Reyes, 20. All are charged with three counts each of aggravated assault and one count of reckless conduct in the shooting at 3612 Fourth Ave.

Vanessa Murana, 17, her 22-month-old son, Izaiah Murana and Darius Johnson, 20, are in stable condition at The Medical Center in Columbus, police said. The mother sustained a gunshot to her left hand, her son was hit in the right leg and Johnson had multiple wounds to his left side, bicep and right forearm in the 12:05 p.m. shooting in front of the home.

Reyes is the brother of Vanessa Murana.

"He fired rounds at them, and he may have actually shot them, too," Massa said. "It was a battle back and forth."

A second suspect also is connected to the victims. Murana is dating Hill.

Police have said the shooting stemmed from retaliation over a drug deal that went bad a couple of weeks ago. The victims were all outside in front of the house when gunfire erupted.

"Hill and Luis Reyes had a beef over a supposed drug rip off that occurred a couple weeks ago," Massa said. "He came up and thought he was the one robbing them."

Witnesses said Hill, Walker and Reyes all were armed and fired weapons during the shooting. "All were firing rounds," he said.

Massa said the reckless conduct charge was added because the rounds were fired while people were standing nearby and their lives were endangered.

Shortly after the shooting, police sent about 20 officers to a home on Third Avenue just north of 40th Street looking for a suspect. The home is at least five blocks away from the scene of the shooting. There was no standoff at the home as police looked for a suspect.

Officers temporarily blocked Third Avenue between 40th Street and 41st Street while police questioned people in the house.