Black Friday shopper camps outside Columbus Best Buy: Would you do it?

For one local shopper, the Black Friday frenzy started on Monday.

Alice Valle has been camping outside Best Buy in Columbus since 7:30 a.m. Monday to be first in line for a Toshiba 40-inch flat screen television.

With friends and family bringing her food, she has been keeping herself busy by reading, crocheting, and playing with her phone.

Her daughter Vivian, 11, has also kept her company when she's not in school. The doors to the store will open Thursday at midnight.

When, if ever, would you do the same thing?

Stick with us for Black Friday updates throughout the rest of the week. Of course, no Black Friday post would be complete without this video clip from our archives.

Mike Haskey filmed the clip outside Target in Columbus on Black Friday 2010.

Don't forget basic etiquette, ladies and gentlemen.