Police: Man sought to entice children into SUV

Columbus police are looking for a man who allegedly was driving around trying to entice children into his SUV.

Police were alerted late Friday afternoon to a suspicious 1997 Ford Expedition near 200 20th Avenue. Officer Stanwix McGlaun of the Columbus Police Department pulled the vehicle over and asked the driver if he had a driver's license. The driver said he did not.

"I told him the reason I stopped his vehicle was because it matched the description of a vehicle that was reported to be attempting to get children to approach it," McGlaun wrote in a report of his traffic stop. "At that time he sped off from the traffic stop and parked the vehicle in a handicap parking spot" in front of the Elizabeth Canty apartments.

When the officer ran the tag number, it did not come back to the vehicle, the police report says. The suspect apparently fled the scene, and his vehicle later was towed from the parking spot by Columbus Towing & Recovery.

The suspect was listed as a black male between the ages of 24 and 30. The report said he's 5-foot-10, about 180 pounds and has "low hair." Call 706-653-3300 to report information to police.