70-year-old woman survives wreck after car goes upside down

A 70-year-old woman survived a single-car wreck Wednesday afternoon that left her car upside down and her rescuers amazed.

Around 1 p.m., the woman was exiting the J.R. Allen Parkway and going toward River Road when her four-door sedan went off the road and down an embankment, knocked over four or five trees and landed on its roof, said Columbus Fire Department battalion chief Keith Watson.

"Luckily, someone saw her when she left the road," Watson said, "because she might not have been seen for a while."

The woman was the only occupant of the car. She was alert and had no apparent injuries when rescuers arrived, but she was taken in an ambulance to The Medical Center as a precaution, Watson said.

Rescuers didn't need to cut her out of the car, but "limbs were all over it," Watson said.

She was wearing a seat belt, he added.