Weracoba Park roundabout opens

With little fanfare and a little cosmetic work left to do, the city removed the barricades and opened the roundabout at the northern end of Weracoba Park to traffic Friday.

Contractors still have to put down thermoplastic crosswalk markings, but "that didn't seem enough of a reason to keep people out of it," said Deputy City Manager David Arrington.

The crosswalks will be brick-patterned like the ones installed in front of Columbus High, he said.

The project went pretty much as planned, Arrington said, with the exception of finding some "bad soil" that had to be removed and replaced. He said he has not seen the final numbers, but he expected them to be around the projected $338,000 final cost.

The intersection of Garrard Street and 18th Avenue has long been confusing.

Before, drivers traveling east on Garrard faced a stop sign, but going west could drive through unimpeded in any direction. Drivers on 18th headed south faced a stop sign, but going north they face a stop if going straight or left, but a yield sign if turning right onto Garrard.

In the roundabout, drivers simply yield to traffic to the left and proceed around to the right.

The Weracoba roundabout is the city's third, and Arrington said they will consider other intersections as future candidates for roundabouts.