Murderer's mother gets 7 years for aiding in Russell County jailbreak

A Phenix City woman who helped her son escape from the Russell County Jail in March pleaded guilty to felony charges today and was sentenced to seven years in prison, prosecutors said.

Loretta Ann Singletary, 49, was charged with helping to facilitate a jailbreak by her son, career criminal Adam W. Barringer, and two other inmates.

Barringer, 31, is a convicted murderer who is now serving life in prison without parole. “She did not ask for probation, so it was a straight seven-year sentence,” Assistant District Attorney Max Smith said of Singletary, who also was ordered to pay a $2,500 fine.

Defense attorney Sirena Lourdes Saunders said the sentence was what she and Singletary expected. “Had she been convicted at trial she could have been sentenced to three consecutive ten year sentences,” Saunders wrote in an email.

She said it was in her client’s best interest not to apply for probation because the state now will determine when she’s eligible for release instead of the judge setting a split sentence. “A split sentence can either be beneficial or detrimental to the client," she added, "in that the court determines when the defendant will become eligible for release."

Accompanied by inmates John C. Hendrix and Charles Smith, Barringer escaped from the lockup in late March, authorities said, using a piece of angle iron from a window frame to breach a cinder-block wall that separated a cell from a maintenance closet. They then broke through a maintenance hatch used to access the attic and reached the jail yard.

There they happened upon a ladder left by a construction crew and used it to climb over a tall fence guarded by razor wire. The men appeared on surveillance cameras as they ran around the fence and fled into the woods, spawning a 20-hour manhunt.

Before breaking out, Barringer had used used a telephone from jail to call his mother, who dispatched her younger son, Christopher Lee Barringer, to pick up Hendrix and Adam Barringer.

While Smith went his own way, the younger Barringer allegedly took Adam Barringer and Hendrix to the home of Audrey L. Brown, 37, a coworker of Singletary, in Phenix City, where they got a change of clothes and a shotgun. The brother then drove out to Sandfort Road and Findlater Road and dropped the men off.

Smith, meanwhile, had hiked to the Ladonia area and was caught after breaking into a house. The search for Hendrix and Adam Barringer ended after the men emerged from the woods north of Sandfort Road and hitched a ride with a black Lexus, telling the motorist their car had broken down.

Acting on a tip, the authorities spotted the Lexus heading south on U.S. 431 in front of a Marathon truck stop — within a mile of the jail — and took the escapees into custody.

Hendrix and Adam Barringer since have pleaded guilty to the escape. Hendrix, 28, was sentenced to 10 years in prison on top of a 15-year term for theft. Barringer was sentenced to another life term as a habitual offender in addition to the life without parole sentence he received for the 2010 fatal shooting of Keith William Farmer.

The cases against Christopher Barringer, Brown and Smith remain pending, according to court records.