Law enforcement officials brings gifts to Columbus hospitals

A bear brought Ronald Smith to tears at St. Francis Hospital on Wednesday. It was a first for Smith, 64, who had never been given a pink teddy bear before.

Smith, along with about 50 other patients at St. Francis, was visited by members of the Columbus Police and Columbus State University Police Departments and Georgia State Patrol. During this yearly event they take the time to deliver gifts and extend holiday wishes.

"It means that people care," said Smith's wife, Mildred.

Public service officials spent the morning and early afternoon visiting with and delivering stuffed animals to children and adults at St. Francis, Doctors Hospital, The Medical Center and the Ronald McDonald House, distributing over 200 gifts in all.

The patients are not the only ones who benefit from the event, though.

"It's awesome to help out the people up here and see the smiles on their face," said Georgia State Patrolman Calvin Knight. "It does a lot for us."