TV recap: 'The Bachelor' Sean Lowe surprises viewers on season 17 premiere

Sean Lowe, ABC's 17th season "Bachelor" was full of surprises on Monday's season debut. The Dallas, Texas, 29-year-old who originally appeared as a bachelor on Emily Maynard's season of "The Bachelorette" gave away 12 stay-on-the-show roses before the traditional elimination rose ceremony. One bachelorette received a rose before all the women had even arrived at the first-night cocktail party. Sean handed out just seven roses at the elimination ceremony. Also surprising was the arrival of a former bachelorette who was allowed to stay on the show, bringing the count to 26 instead of 25.

Tierra, a 24-year-old from Denver, makes such an immediate impression on Sean that he gives her a rose before she completes her walk from arrival limo to cocktail party. In the first few minutes of the party, Sean gives bridal stylist Desiree, 26, a rose. A third rose goes to AshLee F, a 32-year-old professional organizer. When Selma receives a rose, the women begin wondering if there will be any roses left for the traditional elimination ceremony.

When Lindsay, who stepped out of the limo wearing a wedding dress, fails to get a rose after her one-on-one time with Sean, she said: "I wish I was more sober." She convinced Sean to dance with her and she suggested a "first kiss," which she received... on the cheek. "I kinda wish I could do this over and maybe wear a normal dress and definitely not try to kiss him," she said.

Ashley P., a 28-year-old Michigan stylist who loves "Fifty Shades of Grey," also failed to get a rose during her conversation with Sean where she attempted to woo him with some bedroom style antics. "50 shades of grey may have become 50 shades of drunk tonight," Sean said.

Sarah, a 26-year-old with one arm, became very worried when she saw other women getting roses before she even had a one-on-one conversation with Sean. She finally got up the courage to corner Sean at the party and told him that she hoped he didn't feel awkward about her missing arm. She said she was comfortable talking about it and told him not to be afraid to ask her questions. Her forthright attitude earned her a pre-ceremony rose. "It's validation that I'm good enough and interesting enough," she said.

A visit from Ari: Sean's fellow bachelor from Emily's season, Ari, visited Sean before he met his bachelorettes. Ari and Sean did some role playing where Ari pretended to be a bachelorette who Sean was breaking up with. After Sean told Ari-as-bachelorette that his heart was leading him in a different direction, Ari-as-a-bachelorette said: "That's not what you told me in the Fantasy Suite last night." Ouch! "Ari offered some pretty good advice... I'm pretty sure I won't be able to use any of it," Sean said.

Shirtless scenes: It's no surprise that Sean appears in the show's promo walking on the beach. It is surprising that his shirt is on! Don't panic fans, he was shirtless in run-through-the-sprinklers footage, a weight lifting-session and a rock-climbing scene.

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Tierra, a 24-year-old from Denver, said she loved that Sean is family oriented, cute and has dreamy eyes. "Hey future hubby," she said in a promo interview as she showed the cameras a photo of Sean that was saved on her phone. She showed Sean the open heart tattoo on her finger and said she hoped he would be the guy to fill in the heart. Sean tells Tierra to wait a minute and Sean walks off camera. After a commercial break, Sean returns with the First Impression Rose. "You just have this sweet, exciting... I don't know how to describe it... energy," he said. When Tierra walked into the cocktail party with a rose, the other women were jealous and confused.

Desiree, a 26-year-old bridal stylist from LA, is ready to walk down the aisle herself. For her introduction meeting with Sean, Desiree brought pennies. She and Sean tossed them in a fountain and made secret wishes.

Jackie, a 25-year-old cosmetics consultant from Florida, put bright red lipstick on her lips and kissed Sean at their introduction meeting. She left her kiss mark on his cheek but it didn't last long. The next lady out of the limo was Selma, a 29-year-old real estate developer in California. She took out a tissue and wiped off the lipstick mark. "I'm just going to help you out here... didn't want make all the other girls jealous."

Sarah, a 26-year-old who works in advertising in LA, was born with just one arm. "Having one arm doesn't define who I am inside. It just makes me different. It's just what makes me unique." "I just want love and happiness."

AshLee F, a 32-year-old professional organizer from Houston, was a foster child who was adopted when she was 6 by a pastor's family. She questioned whether Tierra really had received the First Impression Rose since she also got a rose before the ceremony. (Meow!)

Leslie H, a 29-year-old poker dealer, called Sean Mr. McSteamy.

Robyn, a 24-year-old engineer in Houston, studies Spanish in her free time. "I'm sick of being single," she said. She attempted to do two back flips as she got out of the limo but she fell on the ground during the second rotation. Ouch!

Diana, a 31-year-old stylist in Salt Lake City Utah and mom to two girls, suggested that she and Sean just blow off the party and leave together. It didn't happen.

Katie, a 27-year-old yoga teacher in Charlotte, taught Sean a few relaxing moves. She was barefoot.

Catherine, a 26-year-old from Seattle, told Sean: "I'm so glad it's you... You're such a hunk."

Brooke, a 25-year-old community organizer from Pittsburgh, asked Sean if he's ready for this wild adventure because she is.


Lesley M., a 25-year-old Washington, D.C. political consultant from Arkansas, said she's a modern Southern belle. "If I could just find a Southern gentleman, I would be set." For her introduction meeting, she brought a football and told Sean she wanted to run a play. Then she confessed that she just wanted to enjoy the view as Sean bent over into set position preparing for the snap of the ball.

Kristy, a 25-year-old Ford model, likely won't make many friends on this season. "Girls will be jealous of me. No question. That's just how girls are."

Daniella, a 24-year-old in San Francisco, showed Sean a secret handshake in her introduction meeting.

Taryn, a 30-year-old from Oregon, admitted that she hadn't watched the last few seasons of the show but told Sean that was a good thing because they could get to know each other.

Amanda, a 26-year-old fitness model in California, suggested she and Sean get an awkward silent pause out of the way during their introduction meeting. Sean said it wasn't that awkward. It was for the viewers!

Lindsay, a 24-year-old substitute teacher in Montana, stepped out of the limo in a wedding gown. "I'm such a prankster... I've got balls." "Oh, I hope not," Sean said.

Kacie B., a 25-year-old from Tennessee, has appeared on "The Bachelor" before. She was a bachelorette on Ben's season. After the expected 25 girls arrived at the first-night cocktail party, another limo pulled up with Kacie B. She told Sean that she's looking for her second chance at love. He let her stay. The other bachelorettes were less than pleased. "It's not fair," several bachelorettes exclaimed.


Kelly, a 28-year-old cruise ship entertainer from Nashville, sang for Sean during their introduction. She was embarrassed to be eliminated. "I feel like, who'd want to date the crazy girl that sings a song for Sean and gets kicks off 'The Bachelor' the first week," she said.

Paige, a 25-year-old New York jumbotron operator, also failed to receive a rose when she appeared on season 3 of "The Bachelor Pad." She felt embarrassed to be eliminated so quickly from both shows. "When you fail again, that sucks... It's really sad," she said.

Ashley H, a 25-year-old fashion model, told Sean that her blue dress matched his eyes. I guess he was unimpressed. "The devastation, I try not to let it sink in but it hurts," she said.

Lauren, a 27-year-old journalist from Rhode Island, told Sean about her Italian family. Her dad told Lauren to tell Sean, "If you break my heart he's going to break your legs." I guess the threat was a bad idea.

Ashley P., a 28-year-old Michigan stylist and fan of "Fifty Shades of Grey," said: "It's a little bit of a bumsky." She then did a little dance and hiked up her dress to show Sean what he was missing. "Mom, don't be mad," she said in her exit interview.

Keriann, a 29-year-old entrepreneur from Florida, told Sean she drove over 2,775 miles to meet him. "That's so flattering." Sean said. I guess flattery will get you no where with Sean.

Lacey, a 24-year-old student in California, gave Sean a piece of lace so he'd remember her name. Maybe he still forgot to call it out during the elimination ceremony?