UPDATE: Suspect on the loose after authorities clear house

Columbus officials cleared a house they once believed to have a suspect in an attempted arrest that went wrong late Wednesday afternoon.

Around 4 p.m., officials thought they had Brandon Reese cornered after officers with the Metro Narcotics Task Force attempted to arrest three individuals at the Liberty gas station on Macon Road, according to Maj. Randy Robertson of the Muscogee County Sheriff's Office. Officials found multiple weapons, including an AK-47, and a lot of marijuana in the sweep of house around 7 p.m., but Reese wasn't found.

Police had both entrances to Yates Drive sealed off as a crowd gathered along Reese Road to watch the action. Many were people who could not get back to their home.

The situation started when four officers were going to serve a search warrant on the house where the three suspects in a drug investigation were located. They left the house and went to the gas station. It was there the officers attempted to arrest them, but Lauren Stinson, a Muscogee County Sheriff's deputy, was struck in the leg by the two-door white Mercedes.

Stinson was treated and released from The Medical Center, Robertson said. He said Stinson's father is a former member of the Muscogee County Sheriff's Department.

According to Robertson, Stinson did fire a shot at the vehicle.

The three suspects ran from the scene, and two were arrested. Authorities assumed Reese, the third suspect and suspected driver of the vehicle, ran to a residence at 4315 Yates Drive where he was living. They surrounded the house and closed off the neighborhood. After sending in robots to check the house, they found Reese was not there. They are continuing to search the house at this time.

The names of the other two suspects were not available.

The owner of the store Dhiren Lakdawala said the suspects were there to buy gas and it was soon after one had just left the store to go back to the car when the arrest attempt was made. He saw Stinson get hit by the car and said she fired her gun. "It all happened very fast," he said.