Update: Shooting at Booker T. Washington Apartments was self inflicted

A Thursday shooting that left a 32-year-old man with multiple gunshots at Booker T. Washington Apartments was self inflicted, Columbus police said Friday.

The gunshot victim was taken by ambulance to The Medical Center where he was treated for gunshot wounds to his right hip and right wrist. A hospital official said he wasn’t at the hospital late Friday.

Police Lt. John McMichael said the man shot himself while in a stolen car about 6:30 p.m. and lied about what happened.

“He got out of the hospital and he’s gone,” he said. “We got him identified. We just haven’t been able to pick him up yet.”

Officers were called to the apartment complex after receiving reports of a man who had been shot multiple times. Medics in an ambulance picked up the victim on the Sixth Avenue side of the public housing complex, just outside Building No. 423.

In a report, police said the shots were fired at Second Avenue and Fourth Street.

Investigators arrived later to check the scene and search for clues in the shooting. They found a stolen Volvo from Columbus near the area where the man was picked up.

“It was in the parking lot where he was picked up at,” McMichael said. “We didn’t discover it until he was up at the hospital. We got to looking around and started piecing it together.”

Police didn’t find a gun but know what happened. “Just from the evidence, we know what happened,” he said.

Staff writer Tiffany Stevens contributed to this report.