Soldier's apartment burglarized after giving girlfriend door code

Police recovered $3,000 worth of stolen items Wednesday from a soldier's apartment after the man gave his then girlfriend the door code to his Greystone Summit apartment, officials said during a 9 a.m. hearing.

An attorney told the court that at about 12 a.m. Wednesday, the soldier was returning home when he met Robert Carter, 21, on the floor of his building. Carter reportedly asked the soldier if he knew who lived there. When the soldier replied that he lived at the apartment, Carter told him that he had come upstairs because he had heard strange noises and wanted to check it out.

After thanking Carter, the soldier entered his apartment and noticed several things missing. He also noticed that his pistol was lying on the couch, which was not where he left it.

The soldier's attorney said that at first he thought his things might have been moved around by his girlfriend, who had the access code to his apartment because he had recently been sick. The woman had called him many times throughout the day and seemed anxious to know when he would get home. When he went outside to look for her, he saw his girlfriend at her car. Shortly after, Carter got into the car and they both drove off.

When police arrived, the soldier initially reported $1,400 worth of his possessions stolen. Police suspected Carter for several other burglaries, including for the theft and illegal sale of a glock. They suspected the stolen materials were being held at Carter's apartment on the 2100 block of 12th Avenue.

The soldier later positively identified Carter through photographs. After identifying the man, police went to the apartment and found it unlocked. Officers said they knocked and announced their presence several times, but never received a response. On entering, they found Carter lying on his bed asleep. Police explained they entered the apartment for neighborhood security, due to the unlocked door, and also because they suspected he harbored stolen property. Several of the soldier's possessions were scattered unhidden around the bedroom. Other items which the soldier did not realize were missing were also recovered.

Carter was arrested, charged with burglary and taken to Muscogee County Jail. During his hearing he was also found in violation of his probation, for which he was given 30 days. He was given no bond for the burglary.