Calvary Christian football equipment taken

A trailer containing football equipment for the Calvary Christian School football team was found missing Saturday.

Football coach Brian Osborne said today it is not known when the trailer containing the equipment was taken. He said it was not noticed gone until Saturday when a booster club member came to get a grill from the trailer.

Police were then called to the school on Old Moon Road in Columbus.

Osborne said the black trailer was parked in a grassy area near the middle school.

Calvary plays its games at Britt David Field so it transports everything it needs for the games, including goal post pads, down markers, chains, yard markers and training tables.

"It is probably several thousand dollars worth of equipment," Osborne said

Osborne said he is not sure why someone would take the equipment.

"We were in school last week but nobody noticed it gone," he said. "It's good this did not happen during football season."

Anyone with information should contact Columbus police or the school.