Wine bottle wielding robbers face multiple charges, receive no bail

Two men accused of robbing the Summit gas station on Veterans Parkway and hitting a clerk with a wine bottle faced charges of armed robbery and aggravated assault during an 8 a.m. hearing Monday.

Richard Miles, 26, and Michael Sutton, 39, were arrested in connection to an armed robbery which took place at Summit gas station on the 1500 block of Veterans Parkway at about 5 a.m. on Jan. 16. Officers said that Miles, after entering the business, grabbed a bottle of wine and waited until the clerk had her back turned. He then struck the clerk, who is pregnant, in the back of the head, causing small lacerations and swelling, and used a small white trash can found in the business to grab food items, cigarettes and an undisclosed amount of cash from the store.

He also took the clerk's purse and cell phone, which led to the second charge of armed robbery.

Miles then ran on foot, according to officers, and joined Sutton in a white vehicle. The investigator told the court the two men were arrested in a similar vehicle the next day, and are suspected of thefts at several surrounding locations. Local businesses, which were not named during court proceedings, told police the men had been seen stealing TVs and purses.

The investigator said Sutton knew Miles was going to steal items from the store, but allegedly did not know about his intention to perform an armed robbery.

Sutton and Miles were offered no bond.

Experiencing déjà vu? We were the first to report this story from the initial report. You can read that story here. Wine was allegedly used during the commission of this crime, too.