Man assaulted with ax during dispute

A man was struck in the face with an ax on Dunhill Drive Monday afternoon after several men began a verbal fight at one of the residences, according to a Columbus Police Department report. Police arrived at the 3600 block of Dunhill Drive at about 1:15 p.m. after receiving reports of an aggravated assault. Witnesses on the scene told police that several men, who were given no description in the report, entered one of the residences and started an argument.

After a moment, one of the men left and returned with an ax, police say. He then struck a 19-year-old man who resides on Knight Drive in the face with the weapon, leaving a cut down the middle of the man's face. Afterwards, the man with the ax fled the scene. The injured man was taken to The Medical Center. No suspects were named. No arrests were made.