Man charges at Baker Plaza Drive resident with box cutter

A man was threatened with a box cutter on Baker Plaza Drive Sunday night after an intoxicated person insisted he lived at the victim's apartment, according to a Columbus Police Department report.

Police arrived at apartments on the 3900 block of Baker Plaza Drive at about 11:30 p.m. after receiving reports of a simple battery. The victim told police he observed a man standing outside of his apartment. When the resident asked the man what he was doing, he said he lived at the victim's apartment and began knocking on the door of the apartment next to the victim's.

According to the report, after the occupant of the other apartment opened the door, the man charged at the victim, swinging a box cutter. The victim then hit him in the face several times and pinned the man to the ground. Shortly after, the victim allowed the man to get up, and he went into the apartment next to the victim's.

The victim told police he did not want to press charges and signed a waiver. The man with the box cutter was told never to return to the property. He was heavily intoxicated, according to the report.