State of city: Mayor suggests sunsetting property tax freeze

At Mayor Teresa Tomlinson's state of the city address Tuesday, she suggested the city may attempt to sunset the property tax freeze.

The mayor said she would not support simply lifting the freeze, but, "it is fatally flawed," she said. "The freeze has failed."

Tomlinson insisted those who have the property tax freeze will still have it, repeating those words several times and drawing a laugh from the crowd.

However, under her plan, new transfers of property would not be frozen but would get a higher homestead exemption. It would ease the transition, she said.

Before getting into the property tax freeze, a hot-button issue, Tomlinson said Columbus' future depends on redevelopment powers and creating urban service districts. She also included the tax as a breaking point.

There were several hundred in attendance in the Foundry Room at the Columbus Convention & Trade Center.

Read Mayor Teresa Tomlinson's full speech here.