Update: Man breaks victim's arm with his own two-by-four, threatens murder

A man was charged with aggravated assault after attacking another man with his own two-by-four, according to a Columbus Police Department report.

Police responded to the 2900 block of 11th Avenue at about noon in reference to an aggravated assault. Witnesses told police that Steven Collier, 44, had hit another man with a two-by-four, breaking his left forearm.

During a 9 a.m. hearing, Officer Adam Moyer told the court when he pulled up to the apartment complex Collier was standing towards the back of the building waving the two-by-four and yelling. The incident occurred after a woman later identified as his aunt told Collier he had no business near the apartment complex and used racial slurs, the officer said.

The aunt said she did not know that Collier lived in the complex, nor did she use racial slurs.

The victim, hearing the commotion, came out with the two-by-four and tried to calm down Collier, according to the aunt. He laid the two-by-four on the ground, after which Collier obtained the piece of wood and began chasing him around a vehicle with it. Collier later caught the victim and broke his forearm, fracturing both bones, Moyer said.

During the chase, the aunt hid in a neighbor's apartment and called the police.

Moyer said Collier continued to repeat that he should have killed the victim all the way back to the jail.

The injured man was taken to the Medical Center. Collier was charged and taken to Muscogee County Jail.