Man affiliated with assault of two police officers receives $80,000 bond for drug charges

A suspect affiliated with the Jan. 9 assault of two narcotics officers was given an $80,000 bond for drug possession Thursday during a 9 a.m. hearing.

Daniel Gaines, 20, was arrested on Jan. 9 at the Liberty gas station on Macon Road after he and Darius Upshaw, 26, hit the vehicle of Jonathan Memmo, 50, and hit Lauren Stinson, 29, in the leg.

Upshaw and Gaines are connected with a house on 4315 Yates Drive, which narcotics officers were watching for suspected drug sales. They are also affiliated with Brandon Reese, 26, who lived at the Yates Drive address. Officers found drugs and weapons in the home, including an AK-47 rifle.

Officers are still looking for Reese, who was last seen running from the Liberty gas station.

During his 9 a.m. hearing, Gaines was charged with the possession of five marijuana plants, valued at $50,000, more than 3,000 grams of marijuana, which was valued at $32,936 and less than a gram of cocaine, worth less than $100.

Officers told the court that anyone who had been to the house would have known about the drugs because they were scattered visibly throughout the house. One officer described glass plates and cookware with noticeable cocaine residue lying out in the open.

In a Jan. 13 police report, Summer Hicks, 18, was charged with possession of the same drugs; however, the address of the incident was misidentified as a Saunders Drive residence in the report. No information was given on whether Hicks charges have been altered.