Owner and manager at Club Majestic arrested; charged with no alcohol card, allowing underage patrons

The club manager and owner of Club Majestic were both arrested and charged with no Alcohol Beverage Control card Wednesday, as part of an investigation into the shooting that took place Jan. 1, according to Columbus Police Special Operations officials.

Nathaniel Smith, club manager at Club Majestic, was charged with no ABC card and nine counts of allowing underage people into the club, Capt. Gil Slouchick said Thursday afternoon.

Club owner James Weaver was also charged with no ABC card.

Slouchick said the charges were discovered as part of an ongoing investigation into the shootings that occurred Jan. 1. Six people, many of whom were 16- or 17-year old boys, were injured during the shooting. One person was murdered.

Police indicted on Jan. 3 that a second shooter was involved in the Club Majestic shootings. One person, who is suspected of shooting from inside the club, is still at large.

Suspect Dequandrea Truitt, 21, is being held without bond for the murder and had a bond set for $75,000 on other charges during a Jan. 8 hearing.

Police identified him as the outside shooter after they charged Truitt for injuring a teen outside the club by shooting him in the back of the head and the upper back. He was charged with aggravated assault.

Truitt said during his hearing that he didn't shoot anybody, and told the court that he did shoot his gun in the parking lot a few times. He has not yet been indicted.